Everyone is born original; but most die a copy. 


Each of the 6969 Lil Degens offers a unique perspective into the life of a degen. These lil degens are not only our web3 counterparts, but a true expression of who we are as people and our individuality in web2 and web3.


Join Mischief and the Misfits’ journey from a road trip gone wrong, to the exploration of a town of unknowns as you climb through the ranks of the Hall of Degeneracy in hopes of leaving your mark in degenerate history. 


Sit back and watch. . . or use $DYOR & the Degen Naming Service (DNS) to name your degen and create YOUR Lil Degens lore to be a part of the story in its entirety! 


We are the visioneers, the weirdos, the innovators, the misfits. We are the culture!

If not us – then who?


Frequently Asked Questions

Our complete team and their linked profiles can be found on the Head Degens page in the top navigation of this website you are currently reading. 

There are a total of 6969 Lil Degens that will be available via the Ethereum blockchain. 

There is a discord but it is invite only and will always remain that way. We only care about those that care about us. Fuck hype, fuck fake. Only the realest have a seat at our table. 

The Rug Doctor is our take on the y00tlist. It’s pretty simple & straightforward – if you have been rugged in the past… which 98% of us have, just fill out a few question questionnaire and you have a better chance of being Degen Listed. That easy. No tricks, No monkey business. 

Sometime in May 2023. You can’t rush greatness mfer….

Final mint price is still tbd based on the market but will be announced at least 1 week prior to Degen List mint going live. 

To create dope shit for the community, unlike your favorite projects. But jokes aside, we’re a team of web2 vets that have a vision and the drive to bring & build self sustaining businesses in web3 and that is actually what we will do. 

All holders have Non-Exclusive Commercial Rights up to $1M. Licensing Agreement will be live on mint day. 

Yes, everything we use is hand built for our project & brand. We do not use any services and launchpads. Everything is handled in -house by our team to ensure the user experience and security has as minimal variables as possible. 

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